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Social Media


Social Media Marketing reaches over 80% of all U.S. internet users, and over 70% of internet users are more likely to purchase from a brand they are following on social media! With a solid social media marketing strategy in place, you will build brand awareness where your target audience spends their online time.

Let KCG's near decade of experience drive your business to the next level!

In the Quad Cities or surrounding Iowa or Illinois area? We'd love to meet in person to discuss how we can best fit your needs!

Social Media Paid Ads

Utilizing social media ads allows you to specifically target your customers and sales leads in the space they are likely going to find your message. Additionally, these ads are the perfect platform to target customers that have been to your site or profile and give them a special call to action.

Social Media Paid Ads

Social Media Content

Your social media content is what defines your brand. With a customized strategy, your business can build brand awareness, generate revenue, and build a loyal base of fans of your products.

We specialize in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Social Media Content



Basic Social Media Plan

  • One Social Network

  • Up to 15 Content Posts/Month

  • ​Up to 2 Ad Campaigns (Optional)

  • Up to 4 Unique Ads​ (Optional)

  • ​$200+ Recommended Ad Spend

  • No Contract

  • No Set Up Fees


Growth Social Media Plan

  • Up to Two Social Networks

  • Up to 30 Content Posts/Month

  • ​Up to 3 Ad Campaigns (Optional)

  • Up to 6 Unique Ads​ (Optional)

  • ​$400+ Recommended Ad Spend

  • Up to One Contest Annually

  • No Set Up Fees


Leader Social Media Plan

  • Up to Three Social Networks

  • Up to 45 Content Posts/Month

  • ​Up to 4 Ad Campaigns (Optional)

  • Up to 8 Unique Ads​ (Optional)

  • ​$500+ Recommended Ad Spend

  • Up to Two Contests Annually

  • No Contract

  • No Set Up Fees

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