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Customers, Data, & Analytics

Customer acquisition is the process in which you convince customers that your goods and services provide better value than those of your competitors. If you are the market leader, this means you can provide the exact same levels of quality and service at a premium; if you're not, then it means you'll have to trade something in order to win the business. Every journey to market leader begins with building awareness and interest.

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Traditional marketing efforts (billboards, newspaper, television and radio ads) do a good job of putting your business in the general vicinity of your customers, but could be off on timing and definitely lack the key metrics for tracking and optimizing. Enter the world of digital marketing and the real-time capabilities to measure success. Through the development of a coordinated "online" marketing strategy where your business leverages Search Ads, Social Media Ads, and Website Traffic, you will be able to track your Return on Investment (ROI) for the advertising dollars you spend. You will have direct sight of the number of times your ad/website has been seen, clicked, pages visited, and new sales leads added to your contact list for direct re-marketing campaigns which convert at a much higher rate than cold traffic or initial visit leads.

Now that you know how many customers you gained through your marketing campaigns, cost associated with acquiring those customers (customer acquisition costs), and sales revenue generated by those customers, let's put all of that valuable data to work for you.

  • ROI - Simply put, you now have a number that tells you how effective your Customer Acquisition efforts are and if the "view is worth the climb"

  • Lead Conversion Rate - Analyzing the traffic to your website from various channels (Social Media, Searches, etc.) and optimizing those landing pages to encourage longer visits and more page utilization

  • Customer Loyalty Campaigns - Getting customers is one thing, but getting repeat customers will also gain you more new customers through recommendations (virtual or in person)

Use this approach to grow your business and take your results to the next level. If you'd like to discuss your strategy, tactics, or results, or, if you can use my expertise, feel free to set up some time with me to discuss at no charge using the calendar below.

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